AUC rules

Alberta Utilities Commission rules are documents setting out new or amended AUC requirements or processes to be implemented and followed by entities under the jurisdiction of the AUC.

​​Rule 003: Service Quality Reporting for Energy Service Providers


Rule 003: Service Quality Reporting for Energy Service Providers

Effective date

December 17, 2020


​Rule 003 sets out the minimum service standards provided to utility customers who are on the regulated rate from a default supply provider (for gas) or a regulated rate provider (for electricity).

Reports are submitted using a template on an annual and quarterly basis.

Provisions in the Electric Utilities Act and Gas Utilities Act allow the Commission to establish service quality standards for owners of electric utilities, gas utilities, regulated service providers and retailers. Revisions to Rule 003 in 2018 (see Bulletin 2018-20) set out certain billing and customer care requirements for these entities, including rural electrification associations, municipally-owned electric utilities and competitive retailers.


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