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Alberta Utilities Commission rules are documents setting out new or amended AUC requirements or processes to be implemented and followed by entities under the jurisdiction of the AUC.

​Rule 034: ​​Utility Payment Deferral Program Billing


Rule 03​4​: Utility Payment Deferral Program Billing

Effective date

June 30, 2021


On June 18, 2021, the repayment period for customers who deferred their utility bill payments under the Utility Payment Deferral Program Act ended. Any gas or electric bill payments that were not repaid will be recovered in separate gas and electric rate riders to be collected from all Alberta customers.

Rule 034 directs retailers to show these rate riders as separate line items on customer bills using the following nomenclature:

  • Utility Deferral Adjustment–Electric or Utility Deferral Adjustment-E.
  • Utility Deferral Adjustment–Natural Gas or Utility Deferral Adjustment-NG.

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