​AUC hearing transcript purchase guideline reduces unnecessary ratepayer costs

To ensure ratepayers are not burdened with unnecessary regulatory costs, and to provide greater certainty in its practices and procedures, the Alberta Utilities Commission is establishing a guideline on the purchase of AUC hearing transcripts.

The guideline delivers the lowest-cost option for ratepayers and will apply to all AUC proceedings unless otherwise directed​.

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Alberta Electric System Operator bulk and regional rate design application – participant costs

The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is currently consulting on proposed changes to the design of the bulk and regional rates under its Rate Demand Transmission Service (Rate DTS) and the tariff treatment of energy storage. The AESO will file an application with the Commission by no later than October 15, 2021.​

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Changes to the AUC participant involvement program

As a result of the recent lifting of various restrictions and public health measures, the Alberta Utilities Commission has reassessed its participant involvement program (PIP) requirements for electric and gas facility applications. To support AUC regulatory efficiency, the changes reduce the notification period and remove restrictions on permissible meetings and consultations for applicants, while encouraging practical flexibility and stakeholder preferences.

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