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AUC extends suspension of specified penalties program for self-reported contraventions to September 30, 2020Bulletin7/14/20202020
Review of AUC Rule 017: Procedures and Process for Development of ISO Rules and Filing of ISO Rules with the Alberta Utilities CommissionBulletin7/3/20202020
Reducing regulatory burden with materiality thresholds for review of cost of service rate applicationsBulletin7/3/20202020
Additional amendments to AUC Rule 027: Specified Penalties for Contravention of Reliability Standards Bulletin6/30/20202020
Carolyn Dahl Rees appointed as interim AUC chairAnnouncement6/23/20202020
2019-2020 Annual Report Card reports on accomplishments, quantifies benefits of efficiency and regulatory burden reduction initiativesAnnouncement6/19/20202020
External engagement on the draft AUC Indigenous consultation frameworkBulletin5/28/20202020
Amendments to AUC Rule 027: Specified Penalties for Contravention of Reliability StandardsBulletin5/26/20202020
Commission-initiated proceeding to focus on specific depreciation-related mattersBulletin5/14/20202020
Utility Payment Deferral Program funding request details for electricity and natural gas service providersBulletin5/13/20202020
Tracking and reporting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on utility operations, costs and revenuesBulletin5/12/20202020
AUC creates independent, expert committee to assist in improving efficiency of rates proceedingsBulletin5/8/20202020
Requirements for costs claim applications and confidentiality undertakingsBulletin5/6/20202020
Reducing regulatory burden: checklist application pilot project for low-risk electric transmission and gas utility pipeline applicationsBulletin4/29/20202020
Update on the impact of COVID-19Announcement4/17/20202020
Stakeholder comments sought on suggested updates to AUC Rule 027 penalty tableBulletin4/14/20202020
Interim changes to AUC participation involvement program and related information requirements Bulletin4/7/20202020
The AUC is deeply saddened to announce the passing of Blair MillerAnnouncement4/3/20202020
AUC supports Market Surveillance Administrator action regarding compliance with reliability standardsBulletin3/31/20202020
Reducing regulatory burden by eliminating power plant construction progress reports and simplifying compliance reporting for electric and gas facilitiesBulletin3/30/20202020
Suspension of specified penalties program for self-reported contraventionsBulletin3/27/20202020
Statement from AUC Chair Mark Kolesar regarding COVID-19Announcement3/27/20202020
Carolyn Dahl Rees appointed to Alberta Utilities CommissionAnnouncement3/26/20202020
Amendments to AUC Rule 003Bulletin3/24/20202020
AUC supports implementation of 90-day utility bill payment deferral optionAnnouncement3/18/20202020
AUC supports government-directed optional utility bill payment deferralBulletin3/18/20202020
AUC announces two measures in response to COVID-19 threatBulletin3/17/20202020
AUC defers live proceedings to reduce COVID-19 riskBulletin3/12/20202020
Amendments to AUC Rule 001 to facilitate exchange of confidential documentsBulletin2/10/20202020
Clarifying the use of “pristine area” in AUC Rule 012Bulletin2/6/20202020
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