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Roundtable 2022: Charting the AUC’s progress on regulatory burden reduction Announcement1/7/20222022
List of roundtable discussion itemsAnnouncement1/7/20222022
Amendments to Rule 027Bulletin11/25/20212021
Alberta Utilities Commission holiday office closureAnnouncement11/24/20212021
Consultation on Rule 022: Rules on Costs in Utility Rate ProceedingsBulletin9/24/20212021
Consultation on proposed amendments to AUC Rule 023Bulletin9/22/20212021
Utility Payment Deferral Program amounts and rates finalizedAnnouncement8/18/20212021
AUC hearing transcript purchase guideline reduces unnecessary ratepayer costsAnnouncement7/22/20212021
Changes to the AUC participation involvement program, related information requirementsBulletin7/21/20212021
Alberta Electric System Operator bulk and regional rate design application – participant costs Bulletin7/21/20212021
Rate rider phase of the Utility Payment Deferral ProgramBulletin7/12/20212021
Improvements to municipal franchise agreement applicationsBulletin7/9/20212021
New AUC Rule 034 approved and Rule 032 amendedBulletin6/29/20212021
2020-2021 Report Card reports on accomplishments, benefits of internal performance measures and initiativesAnnouncement6/15/20212021
Enhancements to the eFiling System - June 2021Announcement6/8/20212021
Alberta government extends term of AUC Chair Carolyn Dahl Rees to 2025, appoints Doug Larder as new full-time Commission memberAnnouncement5/12/20212021
Amendments to AUC Rule 016Bulletin5/6/20212021
Amendments to AUC Rule 001Bulletin5/3/20212021
Stakeholder consultation to standardize terms and conditions of electric distribution utilities’ connection processBulletin4/29/20212021
Measuring regulatory burden – industry impact assessmentBulletin4/28/20212021
Alberta Utilities Commission 2021-2024 Strategic Plan to guide refined focus on efficiency, facilitating change in the utilities sector, and peopleAnnouncement4/26/20212021
Amendments to AUC Rule 005 will reduce regulatory burden and improve efficiencyBulletin3/31/20212021
New performance standards for processing costs and stage one review and variance applicationsBulletin3/30/20212021
Repeal of Rule 030: Compliance with the Code of Conduct RegulationBulletin3/30/20212021
Revised AUC Rule 007Announcement3/5/20212021
Stakeholder consultations to evaluate performance-based regulation in Alberta and to determine process to establish 2023 rates for distribution facility ownersBulletin3/1/20212021
New maps available for in-service, approved and applied-for wind and solar projectsAnnouncement2/26/20212021
Amendments to AUC Rule 019Bulletin2/26/20212021
Commission response to the Distribution System Inquiry ReportAnnouncement2/19/20212021
Proposed amendments to AUC Rule 016Announcement2/3/20212021
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