Other reports

Other reports

Other reports 

Alberta Utilities Commission​ rules and reporting ensure that standards are met and deficiencies corrected.

The AUC directs regulated service providers, and electric distribution utilities and gas distributors, to report on various financial and operation measures. The AUC reviews reports submitted to improve efficiencies and ensure compliance with rules, standards and to track compliance with decision directions and conditions. 
Service quality and reliability plans, finance and operations reports, and annual electricity date reports are available on the website, however additional reports can be found in the eFiling System. 

Log in to the eFiling System to access other reports, such as compliance reports for code of conduct and inter-affiliate agreements in addition to financing agreements and the reports duplicated and provided on this website for your convenience. 

Once logged in to the eFiling System click on the Reporting link shown below and sort and review the reports by any, or all, of the headings such as report type, date, submitter, year and reporting period. 

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Anyone can access applications and proceeding information through the eFiling System.

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