Short-term billing assistance

Short-term billing assistance

Help for utility customers at risk of being disconnected from utility service

Do you need billing assistance?

If your electricity or natural gas services are disconnected and you need assistance with arranging payment plans with your utility service provider please contact the Utilities Consumer Advocate at:

Phone: 310-4822 (in Alberta) or 780-644-5130


Are you having difficulty paying your utility bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Alberta government has announced a 90-day utility bill payment deferral program on March 18, 2020. The purpose of the utility payment deferral program is to provide support to Albertans in order to manage the financial challenges caused by the collective efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

If a customer can pay, they should pay their utility bills. It is a 90-day deferral program and not a cancellation of your obligation to pay your utility bill.

This Alberta government news release provides information about the program. As it relates to utility bills the news release states:

Utility payment deferral 
  • Residential, farm, and small commercial customers can defer bill payments for the next 90 days to ensure no one will be cut off from these services during this time of crisis.
  • This will cover electricity and natural gas, regardless of the service provider.

The details of the program are being discussed and additional information is expected to be available soon. At this time we recommend that if you are having difficulties paying your utility bill that you reach out to your retail service provider to notify them of your situation. Depending on the utility service provider it may be more efficient to reach them by email, since some call centres are temporarily closed.

Are you worried about being able to pay your utility bills?

For anyone requiring greater assistance with utility bill payments, a single point of contact has been set up to refer at-risk Albertans to the right social service program, such as Alberta Works.

If you or someone you know is struggling to pay their utility bills please call 780-644-9992 (or 1-877-644-9992 toll-free), visit Alberta Supports website or visit the closest Alberta Human Services office. 

At any time of the year, not just the winter season, a family member or a friend can also make payments to settle an account and facilitate reconnection.

Winter Utility Reconnection Program 

The Alberta Utilities Commission consulted with utility companies, social agencies and Alberta’s privacy commissioner in 2011 to improve the disconnection and reconnection practices for utility services in Alberta. These efforts resulted in the Winter Utility Reconnection Program, which was initiated by the AUC to protect vulnerable utility customers during Alberta’s cold weather months (generally November to March). The program involves connecting people going through tough financial circumstances with the appropriate support agencies for assistance in keeping their lights on and homes warm. Anyone who is disconnected from utility services going into the winter season is contacted to facilitate reconnection arrangements if needed. The AUC continues to work with utility companies and social agencies at biannual meetings regarding disconnection/reconnection practices to ensure the program continues to meet its goals. To access the biannual meeting minutes hover over the topic and select disconnection/reconnection. The AUC reviews the load limiting rules and other issues related to disconnection/reconnection during Rule 021: Settlement System Code Rules consultations. 

The winter rules and more details about the program are available on the Utilities Consumer Advocate website.  ​



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