Expense disclosure

Expense disclosure

Approved executive expenses are disclosed to the public on a bi-monthly basis

The Alberta Utilities Commission is committed to openness and transparency in its processes. The expense statement reports below will provide travel, meal and hospitality expenses incurred by its commission members and executive directors on a bi-monthly basis.

Archived expense disclosure


ChairCarolyn Dahl ReesTravelOther costs3/29/2021
Parking fee for meeting with the provincial government officersCDR-2021-Mar29-Parking
Executive directorDarek KogutTravelMeals3/19/2021
Working in the AUC Edmonton officeDK-2021-Mar19-Travellunch
ChairCarolyn Dahl ReesTravelAccommodations3/18/2021
Working in the AUC Edmonton officeCDR-2021-Mar18-Hotel
Executive directorDarek KogutTravelMeals3/18/2021
Dinner per diem - working in the AUC Edmonton officeDK-2021-Mar18-Dinnerperdiem
Executive directorDarek KogutTravelAccommodations3/18/2021
Working in the AUC Edmonton officeDK-2021-Mar18to19-Hotel
Executive directorDarek KogutWorking sessionMeals3/18/2021
Working lunch with an AUC executive director and a corporate realtorDK-2021-Mar18-Workinglunch
Executive directorDarek KogutTravelGround transportation3/17/2021
Vehicle rental and fuel - working in the AUC Edmonton officeDK-2021-Mar17to19-Carandfuel
Acting Commission memberBohdan (Don) RomaniukTravelOther costs11/25/2020
Parking fee - attend the AUC hearingBR-2020-Nov25-Parking
ChairCarolyn Dahl ReesWorking sessionMeals10/16/2020
Coffee meeting with the AUC chief executive and a staff memberCDR-2020-Oct16-Coffeemeeting
Commission member​Neil JamiesonTravelOther costs10/13/2020
Parking fee - attend the AUC hearingNJ-2020-Oct13-Parking
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