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Current rates and terms and conditions

The AUC ensures regulated customers receive safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates.​


Residential regulated rate option at a glance

Rates shown in the graph below are the variable regulated energy charges per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The rates charged by competitive retailers will vary. 

If you require further information about retail electricity rates, please refer to the Utilities Consumer Advocate website.

If you're an regulated rate option (RRO)​ customer, you can stay on the RRO or choose to purchase your electricity from a competitive retailer. To learn more, use the Cost Comparison Tool found on the Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) website or contact the UCA at 310-4822 (toll free from anywhere in Alberta).

The graph does not include other charges on your bill such as transmission, distribution and other rates applicable in your service area; this information is provided at the bottom of this page.

Detailed monthly energy rates
Monthly approvals of energy rates

The above rates are only the monthly commodity rates for electricity. Below are the ​rate schedules and terms and conditions of service for each regulated utility in Alberta. For more information on what each rate on your bill is, please visit Items on your bill.


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