Proposing a renewable power plant

Renewable power generation

​Proposing a renewable power plant

Companies or organizations that intend on building and operating any power plant with a capability of more than 10 megawatts must obtain approval from the Alberta Utilities Commission. This includes renewable power plants such as wind and solar farms. Applicants are required to compete a number of steps, outlined in Rule 007, before submitting a request for approval of a power plant application. The most notable requirements for renewable power plant applications that may be required are:

  • A participant involvement program.
  • A noise impact assessment.
  • Compliance with Alberta Wildlife and Parks directives and land use guidelines.
  • Alberta Electric System Operator interconnection information.
  • Consultation with provincial and municipal governments, and sometimes federal (e.g. endangered species).

Power plants generating less than five megawatts from renewable or alternate fuel sources intended to meet all or a portion of the generators consumption is micro-generation and does not require AUC approval.​

Although this is not an exhaustive list, some of the organizations that must be involved in the proposal and development of a renewable power plant in Alberta are, or may be:

  • The Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), if seeking a transmission connection. Such a connection requires AESO and AUC processes that are separate from the power plant project application.
  • The AESO, if seeking to take part in energy procurement programs.
  • The wires owner, local distribution utility or distribution facilities owner, if the project is to be connected to the distribution system.
  • Applicants may need to contact:
    • Landowners, residents and municipalities in the area being considered for the power plant.
    • The wires owner, also called the distribution company, in the area of the proposed project.
    • Alberta Environment and Parks
    • The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency
    • Environment Canada
    • Local municipal districts and/or counties
    • Transport Canada/NAV Canada
    • Alberta Transportation
    • Alberta Culture and Tourism
    • Indigenous groups.
  • Certain studies may require noise consultants or other experts as set out in Rule 012: Noise Control.

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