Administration fee orders

Financing AUC operations

The AUC is self-funded through participants of the sector we regulate and does not receive tax dollars

​​The Alberta Utilities Commission is an independent agency of the government of Alberta but receives no money from the Alberta government. However, our annual budget, including staffing complement, is reviewed and approved annually by the Alberta Treasury Board.

The AUC recovers its operating and capital costs through an administration fee charged twice yearly to regulated utilities which is based on the utility’s number of ratepayers and the effort expended to each by the AUC, and to market participants and transmission owners based on their related regulatory demands. The actual charges imposed are listed at​ the bottom of this page.

The AUC places a great deal of emphasis on its fiscal accountability and responsibility, and has always operated below its targets due to ongoing efficiency efforts and streamlining. In fact, since its inception the cost per ratepayer has been decreasing due to innovative efficiencies and is considerably lower now than when the AUC was founded in 2008. ​The ratepayer cost per site has decreased by 23.5 per cent since our inception to $10.05​ per site per year. This has occurred despite a 29 per cent increase in the number of sites we regulate and a 20 per cent increase in applications filed with the AUC. In addition, the overall annual AUC budget has declined by almost two per cent where inflation actually increased by 16.8 per cent during the same period.



A regulatory cost decrease of more than 23​ per cent cost per site over the past 12 years is illustrated below.​​

​Administration fees are determined in two portions for the AUC's fiscal year, which is from April 1 to March 31. The first determination occurs in April and represents 75 percent of the AUC's estimated expenditures. The second determination represents the remaining three months of the AUC's fiscal year and occurs in December.


2021-12-01-ChiefExecutiveLetter2021-2022Q4Alberta Utilities Commission2021/12/01
AF2021-102021-2022Q4Gas transmissionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.$384,3942021/12/01
AF2021-112021-2022Q4Gas distributionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.$474,5402021/12/01
AF2021-122021-2022Q4Gas distributionApex Utilities Inc.$31,5432021/12/01
AF2021-132021-2022Q4Electric distributionATCO Electric Ltd.$105,1042021/12/01
AF2021-142021-2022Q4Electric distributionFortisAlberta Inc.$217,7392021/12/01
AF2021-152021-2022Q4Electric distributionEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.$158,3892021/12/01
AF2021-162021-2022Q4Electric distributionENMAX Power Corporation$196,5612021/12/01
AF2021-172021-2022Q4Transmission facility ownersAlberta Electric System Operator$1,218,3242021/12/01
AF2021-182021-2022Q4Electric market participantsAlberta Electric System Operator$953,6562021/12/01
2021-04-01-ChiefExecutiveLetter2021-2022Q1-Q3Alberta Utilities Commission2021/04/01
AF2021-012021-2022Q1-Q3Gas transmissionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.$2,473,6652021/04/01
AF2021-022021-2022Q1-Q3Gas distributionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.$2,984,0002021/04/01
AF2021-032021-2022Q1-Q3Gas distributionApex Utilities Inc.$198,3462021/04/01
AF2021-042021-2022Q1-Q3Electric distributionATCO Electric$660,9122021/04/01
AF2021-052021-2022Q1-Q3Electric distributionFortisAlberta Inc.$1,369,1882021/04/01
AF2021-062021-2022Q1-Q3Electric distributionEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.$995,9812021/04/01
AF2021-072021-2022Q1-Q3Electric distributionENMAX Power Corporation$1,236,0132021/04/01
AF2021-082021-2022Q1-Q3Transmission facility ownersAlberta Electric System Operator$7,715,8202021/04/01
AF2021-092021-2022Q1-Q3Electric market participantsAlberta Electric System Operator$5,898,8252021/04/01
2020-12-17-ChiefExecutiveLetter2020-2021Q4Alberta Utilities Commission2020/12/17
AF2020-102020-2021Q4Gas transmissionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.$612,7402020/12/17
AF2020-112020-2021Q4Gas distributionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.$750,8032020/12/17
AF2020-122020-2021Q4Gas distributionApex Utilities Inc.$50,1332020/12/17
AF2020-132020-2021Q4Electric distributionATCO Electric Ltd.$168,6712020/12/17
AF2020-142020-2021Q4Electric distributionFortisAlberta Inc.$346,7322020/12/17
AF2020-152020-2021Q4Electric distributionEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.$249,9732020/12/17
AF2020-162020-2021Q4Electric distributionENMAX Power Corporation$311,4052020/12/17
AF2020-172020-2021Q4Electric market participantsAlberta Electric System Operator$2,040,8332020/12/17
AF2020-182020-2021Q4Electric market participantsAlberta Electric System Operator$1,367,7102020/12/17
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