Complaint decisions

Decisions on complaints related to electric and/or gas facilities


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If the AUC receives a written complaint relating to various matters under its jurisdiction, it may start a proceeding to deal with the subject matter of the complaint. Complaint proceedings listed below may relate to electric and/or gas facilities. The complaints index includes the following categories:

  • Gas transmission
  • Gas distribution
  • Electric distribution
  • Electric transmission
  • Power plant
  • Noise

Decisions for reference

21191-D01-2016Oldman 2 Wind Farm LimitedOldman 2 Wind Farm Post-Construction Sound Survey at Six Locations21191Power Plant - Wind PlantNoise
20799-D01-2016Finlay GroupComplaint Regarding FortisAlberta Inc. Distribution Line Rebuild Project20799ComplaintElectric distribution
20259-D01-2015Cymbaluk Noise ComplaintsSundance and Keephills Power Plants20259ComplaintNoise
3521-D01-2015Mr. Yanke and Mr. HuebnerOldman 2 Wind Farm Noise Complaints3521ComplaintNoise

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