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25044-D01-2020NewDecision25044Gull Lake Cogeneration Power Plant Expansion ProjectHorseshoe Power GP Ltd.2020/08/06Facilities2020
25626-D01-2020NewDecision25626Neyaskweyahk Sundancer Solar ProjectNeyaskweyahk Sundancer LP2020/08/06Facilities2020
25738-D01-2020NewDecision257382018-2020 Transmission Facility Owner General Tariff Application Compliance Filing to Decision 23966-D01-2020 (Corrigenda)ENMAX Power Corporation2020/08/06Rates2020
25666-D01-2020Decision25666ATCO Gas 2020 Weather Deferral Account Rate Rider W North and SouthATCO Gas2020/08/05Rates2020
25693-D01-2020Decision25693Cancellation of the Needs Identification Document Approval for the Windy Hill Biomass Generation Plant Connection Project and the Blumenort Transmission ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; TCO Electric Ltd.2020/08/04Facilities2020
23966-D01-2020_CorrigendaDecision239662018-2020 General Tariff Application Negotiated Settlement Agreement and Excluded MattersENMAX Power Corporation2020/07/30Rates2020
25658-D01-2020Decision25658Letter of enquiry approvalYellow Lake & Burdett Solar LP2020/07/30Facilities2020
25745-D01-2020Decision25745Notice of ceasing operationsTransAlta Corporation2020/07/30Facilities2020
25765-D01-2020Closure letter25765ENMAX Power Corporation request relating to the Type 1 capital placeholder true-upENMAX Power Corporation2020/07/30Rates2020
25749-D01-2020Monthly energy charges approval25749Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – August 2020ENMAX Energy Corporation2020/07/29Rates2020
25751-D01-2020Monthly energy charges approval25751Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges – August 2020Direct Energy Regulated Services2020/07/29Rates2020
25753-D01-2020Disposition letter25753REA Regulated Rate Tariff Price Schedule – August 2020EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/07/29Rates2020
25754-D01-2020Monthly energy charges approval25754Regulated Rate Tariff Electric Energy Charges - August 2020EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/07/29Rates2020
25764-D01-2020Disposition letter25764Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric Ltd.2020/07/29Rates2020
25282-D01-2020Decision25282Stage 2 Review and Variance of Decision 22742-D01-2019 ATCO Electric Ltd. 2018-2019 Transmission General Tariff ApplicationATCO Electric Ltd.2020/07/28Rates2020
25540-D01-2020Decision25540Application for Review and Variance of Decision 22853-D01-2018 and Decision 24034-D01-2019 2018-2020 Regulated Rate TariffEPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc.2020/07/27Rates2020
25559-D01-2020Decision25559Industrial System Designation for the Imperial Oil Strathcona RefineryImperial Oil Limited2020/07/27Facilities2020
25709-D01-2020Decision25709Pipeline Split and Removal on the Bittern Lake to Redwater Transmission PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/07/27Facilities2020
25710-D01-2020Decision25710Coaldale Solar Project Time ExtensionConcord Coaldale GP2 Ltd.2020/07/27Facilities2020
25711-D01-2020Decision25711Monarch Solar Project Time ExtensionConcord Monarch GP2 Ltd.2020/07/27Facilities2020
25746-D01-2020Decision25746Rate Schedule UpdateBattle River Power Coop2020/07/27Rates2020
25645-D01-2020Decision256452019 Distribution Tariff Phase II Compliance FilingATCO Electric Ltd.2020/07/23Rates2020
25646-D01-2020Decision256462020 Transmission Service Charge Update (Rider T)ATCO Gas2020/07/23Rates2020
25736-D01-2020Disposition letter25736Regulated Rate Option Non-Energy COVID-19 Deferral AccountENMAX Energy Corporation2020/07/23Rates2020
25652-D01-2020Decision25652Water Franchise Agreement with Calalta Waterworks Ltd.Rocky View County2020/07/22Rates2020
25741-D01-2020Decision25741Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/07/22Rates2020
25344-D01-2020Decision25344True-Up of 2019 Interim and Final RatesBlazer Water Systems Ltd.2020/07/21Rates2020
25627-D01-2020Decision256272019-2021 Transmission Facility Owner General Tariff Application Compliance Filing to Decision 23848-D01-2020AltaLink Management Ltd.2020/07/21Rates2020
25698-D01-2020Decision25698Pipeline Removal of the Yates Lateral PipelineATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/07/21Facilities2020
25708-D01-2020Decision25708Stavely Solar Project Time ExtensionAcestes Power ULC2020/07/21Facilities2020
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