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25488-D02-2021NewDecision25488Reasons for Decision 25488-D01-2020: Decision on Application for Review and Variance of Decision 24434-D01-2020 Tilley Solar Project – Amendment, Time Extension, Ownership Transfer and Connection OrderC&B Alberta Solar Development ULC2021/01/21Facilities2021
26254-D01-2021NewDisposition letter26254Rider A Amendment for the Town of Stony Plain – February 2021ATCO Gas North2021/01/21Rates2021
26260-D01-2021NewDisposition letter26260Rider B 2020 Reconciliation and 2021 Calculation and FilingATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. – North2021/01/21Rates2021
26261-D01-2021NewDisposition letter26261Rider B 2020 Reconciliation and 2021 Calculation and FilingATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. – South2021/01/21Rates2021
25206-D01-2021Decision25206No. 1 Substation Replacement ProjectENMAX Power Corporation2021/01/18Facilities2021
26101-D01-2021Decision26101Waterton Battery Energy Storage SystemFortisAlberta Inc.2021/01/15Facilities2021
26101-D02-2021Decision26101Waterton Battery Energy Storage SystemFortisAlberta Inc.2021/01/15Facilities2021
26179-D02-2021Decision26179Preferential Sharing of Records Between TransAlta Corporation and Its SubsidiariesTransAlta Generation Partnership; TransAlta Cogeneration Ltd.; CPH Cogen Inc.2021/01/13Market Oversight and Enforcement2021
26183-D01-2021Cost order26183Costs award for participation in Proceeding 25863Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta2021/01/13Rates2021
26184-D01-2021Cost order26184Costs award for participation in Proceeding 25864Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta2021/01/13Rates2021
26219-D01-2021Cost order26219Costs award for participation in Proceeding 25843Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta2021/01/13Rates2021
26236-D01-2021Disposition letter26236Acknowledgment of Revised REA Distribution TariffsFortisAlberta Inc.2021/01/13Rates2021
Closure letter 26230Closure letter26230AP Cost Claim for Proceeding 26031 - ATCO Pipelines 2021 Interim Revenue Requirement ApplicationATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2021/01/13Rates2021
25842-D01-2021Decision25842Decision on Preliminary Question Application for Review of Decision 24295-D02-2020 2020 Final RatesSalt Box Coulee Water Supply Company Ltd.2021/01/12Rates2021
25914-D01-2021Decision - cost award25914Disposal of 2015-2017 Transmission Deferral Accounts and Annual Filing for Adjustment Balances Costs AwardATCO Electric Ltd.2021/01/12Rates2021
26169-D01-2021Decision26169Decision on Preliminary Question Application for Review of Decision 24797-D01-2020 Interim Water RatesSage Water Services Corp.2021/01/12Rates2021
26226-D01-2021Disposition letter26226Franchise Agreement and Rate Rider AATCO Electric2021/01/07Rates2021
26229-D01-2021Disposition letter262292021 Distribution Tariff for the City of Red Deer Electric UtilityCity of Red Deer2021/01/07Rates2021
25861-D01-2021Decision258612019 Distribution Tariff Phase II Compliance FilingENMAX Power Corporation2021/01/06Rates2021
26098-D01-2021Decision26098Stage 2 Review and Variance of Decision 23848-D01-2020 AltaLink Management Ltd. 2019-2021 General Tariff Application Costs AwardAltaLink Management Ltd.2021/01/06Rates2021
26107-D01-2021Decision26107Strathmore Solar Project Costs AwardSolar Krafte Utilities Inc.; Capital Power Generation Services Inc.2021/01/06Facilities2021
26158-D01-2021Cost order26158Costs award for participation in Proceeding 26083ATCO Electric Ltd.; Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta2021/01/06Facilities2021
26173-D01-2021Decision26173Leduc New Pipeline ConstructionApex Utilities Inc.2021/01/05Facilities2021
25973-D01-2021Decision - cost award25973Direct Assigned Capital Deferral Account for the Edmonton Region Project Cost AwardAltaLink Management Ltd.; TransAlta Corporation2021/01/04Law2021
26154-D01-2021Decision - cost award26154Costs award for participation in Proceeding 25865Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta2021/01/04Law2021
26155-D01-2021Decision - cost award26155Costs award for participation in Proceeding 25866Consumers’ Coalition of Alberta2021/01/04Law2021
25848-D01-2020Decision25848Stage 2 Review and Variance of Decision 22942-D02-2019 Adjusted Metering Practice and Substation Fraction MethodologyAlberta Electric System Operator2020/12/23Rates2020
26206-D01-2020Decision26206Transmission Line 7.82L AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2020/12/23Facilities2020
26172-D01-2020Decision26172Vulcan Solar Project Time ExtensionConcord Vulcan GP2 Ltd.2020/12/22Facilities2020
26210-D01-2020Disposition letter26210Distribution TariffsCity of Lethbridge2020/12/22Rates2020
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