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Decisions designating an electric system as an industrial system


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The AUC may designate an electric system as an industrial system (ISD), meaning a system intended to provide an internal supply of electricity to a particular industrial operation. When deciding whether to grant an ISD, the AUC considers the criteria in Section 4 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act, including efficiency of the electricity grid and economical supply of generation. 

The issues typically considered in ISD decisions include:

  • Whether ISD criteria met whether system meets criteria in section 4 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act.
  • Consultation – includes adequacy, scope of consultation with landowners, other interested parties.
  • Property impacts – includes property value, agricultural impacts, business impacts, future development impacts.
  • Noise includes noise impact assessment, post construction monitoring.
  • Environment – includes wildlife, plants, native prairie, water and water crossings, emissions.
  • Uncontested – applications with no outstanding objections, or objections were received and the AUC determined that the parties did not meet the test for standing.


Decisions for reference

25117-D01-2020TA Kaybob 3 Generation Facility Inc.; SemCAMS Midstream ULCKaybob 3 Generation Facilities Project25117Power plant, substation, ISDISD criteria
21541-D01-2016ATCO Power Canada Ltd.Williams Alberta PDH Complex 96-MW Strathcona Cogeneration Power Plant, 240-kV Substation and Industrial System Designation21541ISD, Power Plant, SubstationEnvironment, Electrical effects, Noise, Uncontested, ISD criteria
21718-D01-2016Suncor Energy Operating Inc.Fort Hills Industrial System Designation Amendment21718ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
20907-D01-2015Brion Energy CorporationMacKay River Commercial Project Industrial System Designation Amendment20907ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
20484-D01-2015Pembina NGL CorporationRedwater Industrial System Designation Amendment20484ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
20386-D01-2015Syncrude Canada Ltd.Alteration to Cogeneration Units G3 and G5 in the Mildred Lake Plant Site20386ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
20115-D01-2015Pembina NGL CorporationRedwater Industrial System Designation Amendment20115ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2014-329Shell Canada LimitedScotford Industrial System Designation Amendment3157ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2014-274Shell Canada LimitedScotford Industrial System Designation Amendment3157ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2014-265Pembina NGL CorporationRedwater Industrial System Designation Amendment 138-kilovolt Circuit Breaker Addition3399ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2014-143Canadian Natural Resources LimitedHorizon Industrial System Designation Amendment3160ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2014-068_ErrataShell Canada LimitedShell Peace River In-situ Expansion Carmon Creek Project Industrial System Designation, Power Plant, 240-kV Substation and 34.5-kV Distribution System2787ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-441MacKay Operating Corp.Industrial System Designation Amendment1908ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-426NOVA Chemicals CorporationIndustrial System Designation Amendment2835ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-409Fort Hills Energy Corporation; Suncor Energy Operating Inc.Fort Hills Industrial System Designation Amendment, Power Plant and Transmission Facilities2440ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-387Pembina NGL CorporationRedwater Industrial System Designation Amendment and Scoria 318S Substation and L108 Transmission Line Addition within the Redwater Industrial Complex2794ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-347MEG Energy Corp.Christina Lake Industrial System Designation Amendment2589ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-328MacKay Operating Corp.85-MW Power Plant and Industrial System Designation1908ISDUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-308Pengrowth Energy CorporationLindberg SAGD Industrial System Designation2366ISDUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-217 (errata)Sunshine Oilsands Ltd.West Ells SAGD Project Industrial System Designation (ISD)1655ISDUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-185Suncor Energy Inc.Amend Existing Industrial System Designation, Construct a New Substation and Alter Transmission Lines2197ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2013-172Cenovus FCCL Ltd.Foster Creek Thermal Oil Sands Project - Industrial System Designation Amendment2172ISD amendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2012-356Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.; Cenovus FCCL Ltd.Sunday Creek 539S Substation Interconnection and Interconnection of the Christina Lake Industrial System2010NID, Transmission line, Substation, ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2012-330Nexen Inc.; CNOOC Canada Inc.Long Lake Project Industrial System Designation Amendment2074ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2012-196Cenovus FCCL Ltd.Construct and Operate a 95-MW Cogeneration Power Plant, Construct and Operate Sunday Creek 539S Substation, Industrial System Designation and Interconnection of the Christina Lake Industrial System Designation1854ISDUncontested, ISD criteria
2011-523_ErrataSuncor Energy Inc.Firebag Substations and Power Plant Expansion and Industrial System Designation Amendment1198ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2011-496MEG Energy Corp.Amend Christina Lake Industrial System Designation1505ISD AmendmentUncontested, ISD criteria
2011-387AltaLink Management Ltd.Sale of AltaLink Assets at Riverside 388S Substation and Amendment to Redwater Industrial System Designation1063ISD AmendmentISD criteria
2011-291Southern Pacific Resource Corp.Industrial System Designation for Electrical System of McKay SAGD Project553ISDUncontested, ISD criteria
2010-431Imperial Oil Resources LimitedNabiye Project - Cogeneration Plant, Transmission Facilities, and Industrial System Designation427ISD, Power plant, Transmission line, SubstationConsultation, Property impacts, Environment, Noise, Uncontested, ISD criteria
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