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Decisions on small scale electricity generation


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The Micro-Generation Regulation allows, individuals and various entities to apply to the Commission for approval to generate electricity on a small scale, that exclusively uses sources of renewable and alternative energy, to meet their electricity needs and receive credit for any excess electricity delivered to the electricity grid. To become a micro-generator, an individual must apply to their distribution company to get approval to connect and operate a generating unit that meets the five criteria set out in section 1(1)(h) of the Micro-Generation Regulation, including the size of the unit and generation source (maximum five megawatts, and renewable or alternative energy). 

The issues typically considered in micro-generation facility decisions include:

  • Whether micro-generation criteria met – whether power plant meets Micro-generation Regulation criteria.
  • Consultation – includes adequacy, scope of consultation with landowners, other interested parties.
  • Property impacts – includes property value, agricultural impacts, business impacts, future development impacts.
  • Uncontested – applications with no outstanding objections, or objections were received and the AUC determined that the parties did not meet the test for standing.


Decisions for reference

2014-084Wouter d’AillyMicrogeneration Power Plant2136Power Plant - MicrogenerationConsultation, Property impacts
2013-200Landmark Homes (Edmonton) Inc.12-kW Solar Micro-Generator2497Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2013-180B. St. Pierre13.05-kW Photovoltaic Micro-Generation System2569Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2013-170K. Morris17.4-kW Photovoltaic Micro-Generation System2509Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2013-116ENMAX Green Power Inc.50-kW Photovoltaic Micro-Generation System2403Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2013-126Brookfield Residential (Alberta) Lp.59.9-kW Photovoltaic Micro-Generation System2478Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2013-007Mobrand Inc.21-kW Solar Power Plant2215Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-313Landmark Homes (Edmonton) Inc.15-kW Photovoltaic Micro-generation System2166Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-280Lakeland College3.5 kW Wind Turbine and 12.9 kW Solar Plant1842Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-204L. Neumeister14.04-kW Photovoltaic Micro-generation System1994Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-187Landmark Homes (Calgary) Inc.Show Home Solar Micro-Generator1781Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-186City of Medicine HatAlteration of the City of Medicine Hat Power Plant1736Power Plant - MicrogenerationProperty impacts, Health and safety, Routing and siting, Uncontested
2012-161G. Bless14.4-kW Photovoltaic Micro-generation System1862Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-165James Arnold Harder12.48-kW Photovoltaic Micro-generation System1875Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-103ATCO Electric Ltd.Micro-Generation Determination1477Power Plant - MicrogenerationMicrogeneration criteria
2012-096EECOL Electric Corp.51.8-kW Solar Power Plant1764Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-065The City of Calgary30-kW Solar Power Plant1563Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2012-021D. CukuSolar Power Plant1525Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2011-393The Town of OkotoksSolar Generation Facility Upgrade at Drake Landing Energy Centre1166Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2011-241B. ShawSolar Power Plant1218Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2010-274FortisAlberta Inc.Micro-Generation Determination565Power Plant - MicrogenerationMicrogeneration criteria
2010-215FortisAlberta Inc.Micro-Generation Determination470Power Plant - MicrogenerationMicrogeneration criteria
2010-148The City of Red Deer15-kW Solar Power Plant for City of Red Deer Civic Yards Building496Power Plant - MicrogenerationUncontested
2009-044ATCO Electric Ltd.Micro-Generation Determination162Power Plant - MicrogenerationMicrogeneration criteria
2009-015ATCO ElectricMicro-Generation Determination148Power Plant - MicrogenerationMicrogeneration criteria
2008-132FortisAlberta Inc.Micro-Generation Determination128Power Plant - MicrogenerationMicrogeneration criteria

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