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26117NewNotice of application26117Kakwa River Gas Plant industrial system designationPembina Gas Services Ltd.2021/01/20Facilities2021
26248NewNotice of application262482021-2023 tariff refundAltaLink Management Ltd.2021/01/20Rates2021
26256NewNotice of application262562021 system access service rate updateEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2021/01/20Rates2021
23206_Jan19Notice of application23206Paintearth Wind Project ConnectionAlberta Electric System Operator; ATCO Electric Ltd.2021/01/19Facilities2021
26221Notice of application26221TERIC Power Ltd.eReserve3 Battery Energy Storage Project2021/01/18Facilities2021
26176Notice of application26176Lanfine North Wind Power Plant Connection ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd; ATCO Electric Ltd.2021/01/15Facilities2021
26204Notice of application26204Genesee Generating Station Units 1 and 2 Repowering ProjectCapital Power Generation Services Inc.2021/01/13Facilities2021
26214Notice of application26214Buffalo Plains Wind FarmBuffalo Plains Wind Farm Inc.2021/01/13Facilities2021
26215Notice of application26215Compliance filing pursuant to Decision 25848-D01-2020Alberta Electric System Operator2021/01/13Rates2021
26231Notice of application262312021 customer specific distribution access service rate (CS24) update applicationEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2021/01/13Rates2021
26191Notice of application26191Rocky Power Plant and InterconnectionNEXUS Energy Associates Ltd.2021/01/11Facilities2021
26213Notice of application26213Chappice Lake Solar ProjectElemental Energy Renewables Inc.2021/01/11Facilities2021
26171_hearing-revisedNotice of hearing26171Provost to Edgerton Transmission Development ProjectAltaLink Management Ltd.2021/01/07Facilities2021
26189Notice of application26189Pipeline transfer from ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. to NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2021/01/07Facilities2021
26163Notice of application26163ENMAX Downtown District Energy Centre disposition applicationENMAX Corporation2020/12/22Rates2020
26207Notice of application262072020-2022 default rate tariff and regulated rate tariff applicationDirect Energy Regulated Services2020/12/22Rates2020
26212Notice of application262122022 Generic Cost of CapitalAlberta Utilities Commission2020/12/22Rates2020
26171_hearingNotice of hearing26171Provost to Edgerton Transmission Development ProjectAltaLink Management Ltd.2020/12/21Facilities2020
26127Notice of application26127High River Peaking Power FacilitySignalta Resources Limited2020/12/17Facilities2020
25951_hearingNotice of application25951SunAlta Solar PV1 Power PlantSunAlta Solar Inc.2020/12/14Facilities2020
26170Notice of application261702021 interim rate relief requestATCO Electric Ltd.; ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.2020/12/14Rates2020
25909_Dec9Notice of application25909Whitla Phase 3 Wind Power PlantCapital Power Generation Services Inc.2020/12/09Facilities2020
26123Notice of application26123Empress NGL Straddle Plant Power Plant, Industrial System Designation and Interconnection1195714 Alberta Ltd.2020/12/09Facilities2020
26101Notice of application26101Waterton Battery Energy Storage SystemFortisAlberta Inc.2020/12/03Facilities2020
25100_writtenhearingNotice of hearing25100Buffalo Atlee Wind FarmsCapstone Infrastructure Corporation2020/12/02Facilities2020
26120Notice of application26120Application for 2021 customer specific distribution access service rate (CS46) update for an existing customerEPCOR Distribution & Transmission Inc.2020/11/26Rates2020
25861_Nov23Notice of application258612019 distribution tariff Phase II compliance filing applicationENMAX Power Corporation2020/11/23Rates2020
26084Notice of application26084The Alberta Electric System Operator request for guidance on the interest calculation to be applied to the Proceeding 790 Module C settlement processAlberta Electric System Operator2020/11/20Market Oversight and Enforcement2020
26035Notice of application26035Thickwood to Voyageur Transmission ProjectAlberta Electric System Operator; ATCO Electric Ltd.2020/11/18Facilities2020
26082Notice of application260822021 Balancing Pool allocation riderENMAX Power Corporation2020/11/18Rates2020
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