Transmission needs identification document decisions

Transmission need decisions

Decisions on Alberta Electric System Operator applications for approval of the need for facility projects


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​All new electric transmission facilities (with the exception of a small number of projects classified as critical transmission infrastructure) require two separate approvals from the AUC: (i) an approval of the need for new facilities as set out in a needs identification document (NID) filed by the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) under the Electric Utilities Act; and (ii) an approval of a facility application for the specific siting or routing of the new facilities, which is made by a transmission facility owner under the Hydro and Electric Energy Act. In NID applications, the AESO must demonstrate the need for new transmission, and propose a transmission solution to meet that need. A NID application may be considered by the Commission on its own or in conjunction with a related facility application.

  • The issues typically considered in needs identification document decisions include:

    • The rationale for new transmission, including:
      • Generation or load growth
      • Reliability
      • System access service
    • Choice of NID alternative includes cost of alternative, high-level routing issues, technical feasibility of alternative.
    • Uncontested – applications with no outstanding objections, or objections were received and the AUC determined that the parties did not meet the test for standing.


Decisions for reference

25018-D01-2020BHE Canada Rattlesnake G.P. Inc.; Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.Rattlesnake Ridge Wind Power Project25018Power plant, substation, power plant interconnection, transmission line, NID, substation, transmission interconnectionEnvironment
22125-D01-2018Alberta Electric System Operator; AltaLink Management Ltd.; ATCO Electric Ltd.Jasper Interconnection Project22125NID, Transmission line, Substation, Transmission interconnectionNeed: generation or load growth, Need: reliability, Need: system access service, Choice of NID alternative, Routing and siting, Environment, Electrical effects, Project cost
22274-D01-2018Alberta Electric System OperatorProvost to Edgerton and Nilrem to Vermilion Transmission System Reinforcement Needs Identification Document22274NIDNeed: generation or load growth
2014-126Alberta Electric System OperatorSouth and West Edmonton Area Transmission System Reinforcement Needs Identification Document2303NIDNeed: generation or load growth, Need: reliability, Choice of NID alternative
2014-004Alberta Electric System OperatorGoose Lake to Chapel Rock Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement Needs Identification Document Amendment2349NIDNeed: reliability, Choice of NID alternative

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