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26188-D01-2021Decision report26188Huxley 4.95-Megawatt Natural Gas Power PlantCorse Energy Corp.  2021/03/04 Facilities2021
26188-D02-2021Approval261884.95-Megawatt Natural Gas Power PlantCorse Energy Corp.  2021/03/04 Facilities2021
26188-D03-2021Order26188Connect Huxley 4.95-Megawatt Natural Gas Power Plant to ATCO Electric Ltd. 25-kilovolt Distribution SystemCorse Energy Corp.  2021/03/04 Facilities2021
26306-D01-2021Decision report26306EDF Renewables Development Inc. Ownership TransferEDF Renewables Development Inc2021/03/04 Facilities2021
26306-D02-2021Approval26306Ownership Transfer of Blackspring Ridge Wind Power PlantEDF Renewables Development Inc2021/03/04 Facilities2021
26306-D03-2021Permit and/or licence26306Ownership Transfer of Blackspring Ridge 485S SubstationEDF Renewables Development Inc2021/03/04 Facilities2021
26360-F0002Notice of application26360Notice of application – 2021 performance-based regulation rate implementationATCO Electric Ltd.2021/03/03 Rates2021
26277-D01-2021Decision report26277New Pipeline Construction in the City of LeducApex Utilities Inc.2021/03/03 Facilities2021
1055Licence26277New Pipeline Construction in the City of Leduc - Licence 1055Apex Utilities Inc.2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26191-D01-2021Decision report26191Rocky Power Plant and InterconnectionNEXUS Energy Associates Ltd.2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26191-D02-2021Approval26191Rocky Power PlantNEXUS Energy Associates Ltd.2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26191-D03-2021Order26191Connect the Rocky Power Plant to the FortisAlberta Inc. 25-kilovolt Electric Distribution SystemNEXUS Energy Associates Ltd.2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26212-D01-2021Decision report262122022 Generic Cost of Capital Alberta Utilities Commission2021/03/03 Rates2021
25934-D01-2021Decision report25934Southeast Substation and Transmission Line Development Project ENMAX Power Corporation2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26214-F0052Notice of application26214Revised notice of applications - Buffalo Plains Wind FarmBuffalo Plains Windfarm Inc. 2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26357-D01-2021Decision report26357Franchise agreement with the Village of Amisk
ATCO Gas North2021/03/03 Rates2021
26319-D01-2021Decision report26319South Airdrie Lateral Pipeline ResumptionATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)2021/03/03 Facilities2021
56256Licence26319Gas Utility Pipeline Resumption Licence 56256ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)2021/03/03 Facilities2021
60905Licence26319Gas Utility Pipeline Resumption Licence 60905ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd. (SOUTH)2021/03/03 Facilities2021
26358-D01-2021Disposition letter26358Acknowledgment of Rider A Municipal Assessment SurchargeATCO Electric Ltd.2021/03/02 Rates2021
26359-F0003Notice of application26359Notice of application - Stage 2 review and variance of Decision 24435-D01-2019Town Of Devon2021/03/02 Rates2021
24964-D01-2021Decision report249642020-2022 Transmission General Tariff Application
ATCO Electric Ltd.2021/03/01 Rates2021
26350-D01-2021Approval26350Time Extension to Decommission and Salvage Telecommunications Tower at Lambton 9803R Radio SiteAltaLink Management Ltd.2021/03/01 Facilities2021
26013-D01-2021Decision report26013ATCO Gas Financial Settlement ProcessATCO Gas North2021/03/01 Markets2021
26244-D01-2021Decision report26244ATCO Gas and Pipelines Ltd.
Application for Approval of Changes to ATCO Gas’s Gas Settlement Process and Retailer Terms and Conditions for Gas Services Costs Award
Consumers Coalition Of Alberta2021/03/01 Rates2021
26332-D01-2021Permit and/or licence26332ENMAX No. 11 Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2021/03/01 Facilities2021
26332-D02-2021Permit and/or licence26332ENMAX No. 13 Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2021/03/01 Facilities2021
26332-D03-2021Permit and/or licence26332ENMAX No. 14 Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2021/03/01 Facilities2021
26332-D04-2021Permit and/or licence26332ENMAX No. 16  Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2021/03/01 Facilities2021
26332-D05-2021Permit and/or licence26332ENMAX No. 23 Substation AlterationENMAX Power Corporation2021/03/01 Facilities2021
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