Municipalities and the AUC review process

Municipal participation in the AUC’s application review process is important to ensure that local perspectives are heard, understood and considered when decisions are made on the development of utility and power plant infrastructure.

The AUC is mandated by law to determine whether proposed projects are in the public interest, and must balance social, economic and environmental impacts. Public involvement is a critical part of this process, as it supports the AUC in understanding the overall public interest picture.

Municipalities are often affected by the development of utility and power plant infrastructure. Their input provides valuable insight into the potential environmental and economic impacts of proposed utility projects and helps to identify potential risks and mitigation strategies. Municipal participation also assists the AUC in understanding the needs of local citizens and helps ensure that any proposed projects comply with provincial laws, the AUC’s rules, and its application requirements.

The AUC encourages, appreciates and values municipal involvement and input in its regulatory decision-making process around energy projects and encourages their participation through its application rules. Municipal involvement in AUC proceedings leads to better, more informed decisions that are in the best interests of both applicants and local communities.

AUC rules and participant information

The AUC has several rules that set out requirements and processes for prospective applicants seeking approval to develop power plant projects in Alberta. These include:

  • Rule 007: Applications for Power Plants, Substations, Transmission Lines, Industrial System Designations, Hydro Developments​ and Gas Utility Pipelines
  • Rule 012: Noise Control
  • Rule 024: Rules Respecting Micro-Generation

Municipalities, Indigenous groups, and other affected persons should be consulted and involved early in the planning process of electric facility and gas utility pipeline projects. Applicants should develop and implement a participant involvement program (PIP) to ensure effective communication and interaction with these groups.

Local authorities and various provincial departments have a role in ensuring orderly land use and development. Applicants are encouraged to involve these groups at an early stage in the planning of the electric facility or gas utility pipeline project and its PIP.

Additional information can be found on the AUC’s role in reviewing power generation applications webpage and the Municipalities and AUC review of renewable energy project applications FAQ fact sheet.

Submit your concerns

The AUC’s eFiling System is a web-based tool used to file and manage application documents and for participants to provide their input into AUC proceedings. It provides public access to documents the AUC considers before making its decision about an application. Anyone can access the system and creating an account only requires an email address and password.

To submit your concerns, create a login and password in the eFiling System and enter the proceeding number for the project. The proceeding number is a five-digit number associated with the project and found on the notice.

To have a say in the review process, you must file a written statement before the deadline indicated on the notice of application. A written statement should include:

  • A name and contact information.
  • A land location.
  • A description of your concerns with the project.

Once logged in, users can also:

  • Sign up to receive daily notifications of filings, notices and issued decisions.
  • Review applications and submissions.
  • Register to participate in proceedings.
  • Upload documents and evidence.
  • Access an archive of previously issued AUC decisions and regulatory documents.

The AUC has a number of eFiling resources available for individuals and groups looking to get involved in AUC regulatory proceedings, including user guides, quick tips and brochures.

Additional resources

The AUC’s YouTube channel features videos to help build understanding about the application and review process. The channel includes information for Albertans about how to get involved in proceedings to consider proposed utility development projects in Alberta and videos from hearings and technical meetings.

Fact sheets, brochures and additional resources can be found on our ​Fo​rms, templates and reference material​ page.

Some projects may be found in projects section of our website, or on the current applications list. If you have any difficulty finding the proceeding number, please email or call 310-4AUC.