The AUC is responsible for making decisions about utility development in Alberta and is committed to ensuring that Albertans whose rights may be directly and adversely affected by utility development have the opportunity to have their concerns heard, considered and understood.

Early discussions with the applicant about proposed utility developments will often result in greater influence on what is filed in the application for approval.

If you have any outstanding concerns about an application to build or modify electric transmission lines, substations, power plants and gas utility pipelines in Alberta, you may be eligible participate in the AUC’s review process. To become a qualified local intervener in the review process, you must demonstrate that you occupy or have an interest in land that may be directly and adversely affected by the proposed utility development. A local intervener is eligible for funding to support your position.

How to submit your concerns

To submit your concerns, create a login and password in the AUC’s eFiling System and enter the five-digit proceeding number associated with the project and found on the notice. The AUC’s eFiling System is a web-based electronic filing tool used to manage, search and upload documents, including evidence filings, considered in applications filed with the AUC. Information on how to navigate the eFiling System can be found in the eFiling System Basics Brochure or the AUC’s eFiling System Account Setup video.

To participate in the AUC’s application review process, you must file a written statement before the deadline indicated on the notice of application. Your written statement should include:

  • your name and contact information.
  • your land location.
  • a description of your concerns with the project.

Some projects may be found in featured applications section of our website, or on the current applications list. If you have any difficulty finding information about a project or the proceeding number, please email or call 310-4AUC.

Once you have logged in to the eFiling System, enter the proceeding number in the “go to…” field. The system will then advise you have not registered to participate. You can click “yes,” follow the prompts, and answer the questions to express your concerns and describe the issues you want the AUC to consider when making its decision. If you do not want to register right away, at a later date you can go to “registered parties” in the left hand navigation to “register to participate”. You can also register to “observe” the proceeding to receive notification of updates and access all of the information filed.

Even after submitting your concern, you can continue to communicate with the company proposing the development to try to resolve your concern. If your concern is resolved you can withdraw your objection. However, if your concern remains unresolved and you are considered to be directly and adversely affected (also called standing), your submission may trigger a public hearing.

Resources for participation

The AUC’s education library has a number of various fact sheets, brochures, videos and resources to help you understand how to participate in the AUC’s review process:

Participate in the hearing

The AUC’s public hearing process provides an opportunity for those who have been unable to resolve their concerns with the applicant and have made a submission, to express their views directly to a panel of Commission members. The panel reviews the initial submissions and grants what is referred to as standing to those who may be directly and adversely affected by the proposed project. Standing is necessary to continue involvement as an intervener in the proceeding which may include the filing of evidence and participation in an oral or written hearing.

Participants in a hearing can represent themselves or be represented by legal counsel. In addition, participants may hire experts to assist in preparing and presenting evidence to support their position. More information can be found on the hiring a lawyer and/or expert page.

If you do not wish to participate in the hearing your written submission will still be considered by the AUC.