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Access to the eFiling System

The eFiling System is an electronic filing tool used to access, manage, search and upload documents

Current rates and terms and conditions

The AUC sets regulated utility rates to ensure customers receive safe and reliable service at just and reasonable rates

Decisions and notices

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Recently issued decisions, notices, approvals and filtered lists of recent facility and water decisions are available on our website. The full listing of regulatory documents should be accessed through the eFiling System

News, announcements & bulletins

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Bulletin 2023-01 issued

The AUC is seeking feedback from stakeholders on potential changes to certain provisions of Rule 012: Noise Control to streamline and improve regulatory and adjudicative processes. To date, there have been two rounds of consultation.

In the comment matrix provided, the Commission has included a number of questions to guide discussion. Interested stakeholders are requested to provide feedback by May 15, 2023.

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AUC Education library now available

The AUC’s educational document library is available to provide easy access to a variety of documents related to the AUC and its work.

The Education library includes a variety of materials such as fact sheets, brochures, videos and quick links.

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Municipalities and the AUC review process

Municipal participation in the AUC’s application review process is important to ensure that local perspectives are heard, understood and considered when decisions are made on the development of utility and power plant infrastructure.

Municipal involvement in AUC proceedings leads to better, more informed decisions that are in the best interests of both applicants and local communities.

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