New utility customers may be required to receive an initial utility bill with the regulated utility service provider in the designated service area before a customer can sign a contract with a competitive retailer.

The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) is an independent government organization that can assist customers with understanding their utility bills and the contract options available. Visit the UCA website or contact them at 310-4822.

Choice of utility billing service providers

In Alberta, utility customers have a choice of utility retail service providers. A variety of competitive retail service providers offer contracts where customers can choose to have a fixed or a variable rate for their natural gas or electricity. The energy charges (stated in kilowatts per hour or per gigajoule used) are based on the open and competitive electricity market or natural gas market. Customers that remain with the regulated retail service provider will be charged a variable rate that is set monthly based on the market conditions and approved by the AUC. Current regulated rate option charges are available on the current rates web page.

No choice of utility delivery providers

Whether you choose a regulated or competitive retailer, the distribution company that delivers your electricity and natural gas will not change from one retailer to the next. The AUC regulates the delivery portion of your bill and sets the rates based on your service area. Find out more about how rates are set.

Due to the highly capital-intensive nature of building infrastructure to deliver power and gas to homes it is not feasible from an economic or environmental perspective to build and operate duplicate facilities in the same area. Accordingly, the AUC regulates the delivery of electricity and natural gas to act as a surrogate to competition to ensure fair rates and appropriate service levels.

If you require new utility infrastructure or changes to your existing infrastructure you can contact the distributor in your area which can be determined by entering your postal code on the Utilities Consumer Advocate’s website.