In Alberta, customers have a choice of energy retail service providers and can choose between a fixed, variable or default regulated rate option (RRO). The government of Alberta is intending to introduce new legislation and new regulations surrounding the RRO.

The energy charge on your bill is determined by the open and competitive wholesale energy-only electricity market. Utility customers in Alberta have a choice of retail service providers and can evaluate their choice of providers though the Utilities Consumer Advocate website.

For RRO customers, the energy charge (or commodity charge) on your bill is determined monthly according to the energy price-setting plan approved by the AUC for your default supplier. These rates are intended to reflect the actual wholesale electricity prices for the month and fluctuate between months based on supply and demand in the electricity market.

The charge on your utility bill is based on your usage during the billing period, which is calculated per kilowatt-hour (kWh). This charge does not include any costs or services related to delivery of the energy to your home or business.​

Variable regulated rate option

Rates shown in the chart are the energy rates charged to customers who receive service under the RRO in price per kilowatt-hour (kWh). If a customer does not choose a retail contract for service, that service is typically provided by the default regulated service provider and will be charged the variable RRO rate. To compare current rates, please visit the UCA website or call 310-4822.

The delivery of electricity is regulated, and provided by the distributor, and won’t change from one retailer to the next. The AUC determines transmission and distribution costs through a review process, with the AUC representing retail customers in these proceedings. More information about the charges on your electricity bill can be found on the AUC’s How rates are set or rate riders​ webpages.

As part of Alberta’s Affordability Action Plan, variable rates were capped for the months of January 2023 through March 2023 at a maximum of 13.5 cents per kWh. Any excess amounts above that ceiling that weren’t collected from customers were included in a deferral account by the provider that will be collected from the provider’s RRO customers during the recovery period of April 2023 to December 2024. The RRO Stability Regulation stipulates that the remaining deferred amount is to be divided by the number of months remaining in the recovery period. More information can be found on the government of Alberta website

Current electricity rates approvals

​Regulated rate option approvals ​2024 distribution rate approvals 2024 transmission rate approvals

Charges on your bill

*Monthly cost estimates based on a typical residential consumer’s electricity bill in Alberta. Costs will vary depending upon the distribution service area, the municipality where you live, your energy use and billing period.*


Retailer rates and terms and conditions of service

Direct Energy Regulated Services
EN​MAX E​nergy
EPCOR Energy (Edmonton)
EPCOR Energy (outside Edmonton)

Distribution rates and terms and conditions of service

ATCO ​E​lec​tric
ENM​AX Pow​er
EPCOR Dis​trib​​ution &
FortisAlberta Inc.