The eFiling System is a web-based electronic filing tool primarily used to manage, search and upload documents which are used by the Commission to review and consider applications filed through the syste​m.

Supporting and instructional documents for the eFiling System are available below.

For questions related to the eFiling System, please contact us at:
Phone: 310-4AUC (4282) in Alberta or 1-833-511-4282 outside of Alberta

Document Description
eFiling System Basics brochure General overview about how to create an account and general application actions
eFiling System user guide Detailed instructions on using the eFiling System.
​New eFiling System organizational account form​ This form is used to set up a new eFiling System organizational account.​
​Quick tip: Setting up your eFiling System account ​Brief description of how to set up an eFiling System account.
Quick tip: File an application Brief description of how to file an application with the AUC.
Quick tip: Participate in a proceeding Brief description of how to register to participate in a proceeding.
Quick tip: Make a filing Brief description of how to file a submission in a proceeding.
Quick tip: Upload documents ​Brief description of how to upload a document to a proceeding.​
Quick tip: Revise a document ​Brief description of how to revise a document to a proceeding.​
Quick tip: Respond to direction ​Brief description of how to respond to a decision direction.
Quick tip: Confidential proceedings for disclosing parties Detailed instructions for how to request information to remain confidential and off the public record.

System maintenance

The AUC performs regular system maintenance on the second Saturday of every month. During the regular maintenance the i​nformation technology services will have intermittent disruptions between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m.

December 10, 2022 eFiling System release notes