Application for participant costs under Rule 022

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Identification and attestation

Name, position and contact information of applicant contact

I, acting in my position as set out above, have personally reviewed all of the information included and referenced in this application and affirm that, to the best of my knowledge, all information is correctly stated and reflects the existing records of the company. I further affirm that the costs claimed are as a result of participation in:

The costs claimed are reasonable, accord with the scale of costs and all other requirements of Rule 022, and were directly and necessarily related to participation in the original proceeding.

The accounts of the participant’s lawyer(s), consultant(s) and witness(es) are accurate and represent work performed (and disbursements incurred) at the specific request of the costs applicant.

The information in the cost application is complete and consistent with the Commission’s requirements and is not false or misleading in all material respects.