Commitments and initiatives

The AUC’s actions are guided by three key principles. First, that our regulation should be light-handed where possible and more principles-based to reduce reliance on prescriptive rules. Second, that our planning approach will integrate efficiency aspirations into our strategic objectives and outcomes. Third, that we will continue to engage with stakeholders to explore eliminating or streamlining processes and rules through continuous improvement and embracing a more risk-based approach.

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Assertive case management

Assertive case management was recommended by an independent expert committee to improve the efficiency
and effectiveness of rates proceedings. The recommendations were adopted by the AUC on October 22, 2020 based on the Report of the AUC Procedures and Processes Review Committee.


Trusted-​traveller checklist applications streamlining

Application streamlining initiatives have been implemented using checklist applications, introduction of an expedited process for compliance filings and employing strategies to improve end-to-end timelines and
improve efficiency.


Reducing regulatory burden with mediated settlements

Settlements involve a process where each party agrees to a settlement to avoid a full regulatory process and hearing to save time and reduce costs.


Other initiatives

Other initiatives, such as business improvements and elimination of reporting or reduction of requirements, also contribute to improving regulatory efficiencies. The improvements for fiscal year 2021-2022 resulted in cost-savings, but are not included in the full-cycle application review timeline improvements.