Complaint resolutions and AUC Enforcement decisions

The AUC’s Enforcement staff are an independent division of the Alberta Utilities Commission, responsible for investigating complaints and determining whether to initiate an enforcement proceeding before the Commission. The AUC’s Enforcement staff works autonomously from other AUC personnel, and other members of the AUC do not have access to enforcement files and information.

Enforcement staff investigate complaints to determine:

  • If a contravention can be proven on a balance of probabilities, and
  • If it is in the public interest to pursue a resolution.

Enforcement matters that meet this criteria may be resolved between the AUC’s Enforcement staff and a contravening party either through a settlement agreement or through a contested proceeding. A Commission panel must approve any settlement agreement between Enforcement staff and a contravening party that has been reached during an enforcement proceeding. In a contested enforcement proceeding, Enforcement staff file an enforcement application to the AUC, and a Commission panel determines whether a contravention has occurred and if any sanctions are required.

The AUC issues enforcement decisions on both settlement agreements and contested enforcement applications.

Complaint resolutions

Enforcement decisions

Document linkApplicantApplication descriptionProceeding IDDate Issued
26379-D04-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementPenalty on Contraventions 1-526379Enforcement7943392023-10-02
28021-D01-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementPhase 1 Enforcement Proceeding with Salt Box Coulee Water Supply Company Ltd.28021Enforcement - Rates7923502023-08-15
28201-D01-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementSettlement Agreement with ENMAX Energy Corporation28201Enforcement - Rates7912332023-07-19
28213-D01-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementSettlement Agreement with ENMAX Energy Corporation28213Enforcement - Rates7910602023-07-13
27854-D01-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementEnforcement Staff Settlement Agreement with The City of Calgary27854Miscellaneous7848392023-03-14
27948-D01-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementAUC Enforcement and ATCO Gas Settlement Agreement27948Enforcement - Rates7844972023-03-07
27391-D01-2023Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementSettlement Agreement with the City of Grande Prairie27391Enforcement7412392023-01-20
27705-D01-2022Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementSettlement Agreement with the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate – Enforcement and Administrative Penalty27705Miscellaneous7290662022-12-13
27013-D01-2022Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementAllegations against ATCO Electric Ltd. 27013Enforcement7197642022-06-29
26379-D03-2022Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementAllegations against Green Block Mining Corp. - Westlock Power Plant Phase 126379Enforcement7179192022-05-25
26379-D02-2021Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementAllegations against Link Global Technologies Inc. - Phase 126379Enforcement7042252021-08-19
26379-D01-2021Alberta Utilities Commission - EnforcementOrder Requiring Immediate Cessation of Power Plant Operations26379Enforcement6964312021-03-19