The AUC listens and addresses complaints related to compliance and enforcement issues in the Alberta utility industry, such as:

  • Environmental concerns related to power generation facilities, power lines and substations.
  • Wildlife impacts caused by the presence, construction and operation of electric and natural gas facilities.
  • Noise concerns that may exceed cumulative noise allowances.
  • Issues concerning right-of-way access and situations where utility companies have not complied with conditions set out in AUC decisions about the construction and operation of utility infrastructure.
  • The escalation of complaints where it is believed that utility rates have been charged unfairly or incorrectly or when terms and conditions of service are not being applied correctly.
  • Allegations of energy market wrongdoings (cases are reported to the Market Surveillance Administrator and the allegation is adjudicated by the AUC).

A complaint may be closed if:

  • The submission cannot be substantiated.
  • Information is insufficient to warrant further action.
  • The regulated entity voluntarily resolved the matter.

The AUC may initiate a formal complaint proceeding through its enforcement and compliance process if a complaint or dispute cannot be resolved. Questions or concerns related to the AUC​’s enforcement process can be directed to

Complaints should contain as many details as possible by identifying the issue, date or dates of the occurrence and documentation where possible. If you have a complaint, please fill out a Complaint form.