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Decision 27062-D01-2023 issued May 5, 2023

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The AUC has issued a decision providing its determinations regarding ATCO Electric Ltd.’s application for approval of a negotiated settlement agreement (NSA) regarding its 2023-2025 general tariff application. It also provides the Commission’s determinations on two issues that were excluded from the NSA by the Commission and a further issue that was initially part of the negotiated settlement process, but in respect of which parties were unable to reach agreement.

The Commission finds that the negotiated settlement agreement (NSA) between ATCO Electric and interveners was negotiated under a fair process, is in the public interest and results in just and reasonable rates. Therefore, the AUC approves the NSA application. Of the three issues that were not part of the NSA, the Commission has:

  • Determined that the vegetation management reserve will apply to ATCO Electric’s 2023 vegetation management costs only and approves the elimination of the vegetation management reserve beginning in 2024.
  • Approved ATCO Electric’s amendments to the variable pay program reserve.
  • Denied ATCO Electric’s request to collect $7.5 million in depreciation related to the Jasper Palisades amounts that were incorrectly accounted for and determined that the correct undepreciated balance in relation to the Jasper Palisades switchgear assets should be $0.

The Commission requires ATCO Electric, in its compliance filing to this decision and on a go-forward basis, to continue to present its tax schedules identifying permanent and temporary differences, including presenting the equity portion of allowance for funds used during construction as a permanent difference.

The Commission directs ATCO Electric to provide construction work in progress continuity schedules as requested by the Commission in its letter of July 13, 2022, 1 and in Section 6.1, in future general tariff applications.

ATCO Electric is to file its compliance filing to this decision no later than June 12, 2023.

As detailed in Decision 26573-D01-2023, ATCO Electric is to incorporate the findings, conclusions and directions of the Commission in that decision together with its compliance filing addressing the Commission’s directions in this decision.

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ATCO Electric Ltd. Transmission 2023-2025 General Tariff Application