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The AUC is holding an inquiry into the ongoing economic, orderly and efficient development of electricity generation in Alberta.

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Scope of the AUC’s inquiry

The inquiry is separated into two modules (Module A and Module B) to explore the key issues identified in the Alberta government’s order-in-council. Module A, which was considered in Proceeding 28501, explored the land impact issues identified in the Alberta government’s order-in-council. The Module A report is available here.

In Module B, the AUC has been directed to consider the impact the increasing growth of renewables has to both generation supply mix and electricity system reliability. The AUC is aware that the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) is undertaking complementary work relating to system reliability. The AUC intends to take the AESO’s work into account to support the inquiry.

The AUC has commissioned two expert reports as summarized below. The scope of work for each report is set out in detail in a separate letter.

Expert report Scope of report
  • Review and assess prior studies that evaluate the evolution of the Alberta electric system from a technical and/or economic perspective in order to inform reliability and affordability questions.
  • Following stakeholder engagement, development of a technical, simulation-based assessment of future wholesale market fundamentals under the current energy market design over the long term to evaluate future system reliability (e.g., resource adequacy) and consider electric utility bill impacts for retail customers.
Longview Communications & Public Affairs
  • Using targeted stakeholder engagement and other means, gauge current perception of Alberta’s power market by relevant generation developers (incumbent and non-incumbent) and sources of capital to review attractiveness of Alberta’s market structure, views on potential market structure changes, and appetite for merchant power risk.
  • Identify the drivers behind stakeholder perception of Alberta’s power market.

Written submissions

Parties may provide written submissions responding to the expert reports on the AUC’s eFiling System. To provide written submissions for the inquiry, please visit our website and log in to the AUC’s eFiling System, go to Proceeding 28542, and register to participate under the “registered parties” tab. Instructions for how to register an eFiling System account and submit a document can be found in the AUC’s eFiling System basics brochure.

Participant funding

The AUC will not provide funding for participation in Module B of the inquiry given the issues and process outlined in this notice.

Module B process steps

The AUC has established the following process schedule for Module B:

Process step Date
Technical meeting to discuss LEI Simulation approach November 9, 2023
AUC publishes independent expert reports February 7, 2024
Technical meeting for experts to answer questions regarding reports February 14, 2024
Parties to provide written submissions on the expert reports February 29, 2024


To support an open and transparent process, information you send to the AUC will be publicly available through the AUC’s eFiling System. If there is confidential information you would like to file, a request must be made in advance of filing your submission.

Please contact us at 310-4AUC (310-4282) in Alberta or for more information or assistance.

AUC inquiry into the ongoing economic, orderly and efficient development of electricity generation in Alberta – Module B