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The AUC is reviewing applications from the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) and AltaLink Management Ltd. for approval of the need for the Vauxhall Area Transmission Development and an exception under Section 15(2) of the Transmission Regulation. The proposed development would remove thermal criteria violations observed under normal operating conditions, and thereby allow for the unconstrained dispatch of all anticipated in-merit electricity.

AltaLink Management Ltd. has filed applications under the Hydro and Electric Energy Act to meet the need identified by the Alberta Electric System Operator.

AltaLink applied to restore the capacity of Transmission Line 879L by replacing 21 existing structures, modifying 32 structures, and removing approximately 1.6 kilometres of distribution line underbuilt on the transmission line.

AltaLink has also applied to replace Transmission Line 610L by constructing a new, approximately 14-kilometre, 138-kilovolt transmission line and salvaging the existing Transmission Line 610L. AltaLink has proposed a preferred and an alternate route. The AUC may approve either of the proposed routes.


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Vauxhall Area Transmission Development