Measuring and reporting progress

​The AUC’s 2022-2023 Report Card​ quantifies the extent and benefits of our efficiency initiatives. It is a published report setting out what we have done, making it easier for stakeholders to assess in a straightforward way whether the AUC has met its objectives. It charts the progress of efficiency initiatives to deliver enduring change to our regulatory approach over a number of reporting cycles.

The AUC has quantified the benefits of the initiatives it has taken and is taking to reduce regulatory burden and improve efficiency. The goal is to, where possible, to identify or estimate the monetary benefits resulting from our action​s.​

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Timeliness and ef​ficiency of processing applications

For more than a decade we have worked within self-imposed performance standards, specific to both facilities and rates application types, that set the number of days to complete the applications. These standards cover all stages of the application process. We track and report our performance in meeting these standards​.

The AUC does well for the most part, but industry has concerns about the need to streamline large and complex proceedings, and those devoted to rates in particular. Timeliness is a big priority going forward and the AUC is expending considerable time and effort to improve service and efficiency​.


AUC Report Card ​

The AUC has a demonstrated history of efficiency and cost accountability. The AUC does not receive any government funding. It is revenue neutral to the government of Alberta. The AUC’s report cards includes sections on:

  • performance measures
  • annual commitments
  • red tape reduction efforts
  • quantifying benefits of AUC initiatives

AUC efficiency: lower cost per customer, no cost to government

The AUC has a demonstrated a history of efficiency ​and cost accountability. It does not receive any government funding and is revenue neutral to the government of Alberta.

The AUC imposes the same discipline in its own operations that it encourages from the utilities and organizations it regulates. The AUC continuously tracks and benchmarks its operating expenses as a unit measure per regulated customer site.

Albertans have received consistently increasing value for the cost of AUC regulation​ since 2008. Its cost per site count fell between 2008 and 2022 by 34.6 per cent. The cost per site, currently $8.59, is an overall figure, and is significantly lower when apportioned to Alberta’s residential customers.​