Electric distribution service is provided to Albertans by distribution facility owners, which include private companies, some municipalities, and rural electrification associations (REAs). These entities have designated geographic service areas in which they operate. The alteration, sale, transfer and discontinuance of service areas and operations requires approval from the Commission.

The issues typically considered in distribution decisions include:

  • Change of rural electrification association (REA) ownership – includes consideration of public interest, prudence, rate impacts, rate adjustments.
  • Service area – includes amendments to service boundaries, amalgamation of service areas, costs, customer service, harmonization of boundaries.
  • Exemption – includes exemptions to own and operate distribution facilities within distribution facility owner service area.
  • Uncontested – applications with no outstanding objections, or objections were received and the AUC determined that the parties did not meet the test for standing.

Decisions for reference