The AUC may designate an electric system as an industrial system (ISD), meaning a system intended to provide an internal supply of electricity to a particular industrial operation. When deciding whether to grant an ISD, the AUC considers the criteria in Section 4 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act, including efficiency of the electricity grid and economical supply of generation.

The issues typically considered in ISD decisions include:

  • Whether ISD criteria met  whether system meets criteria in section 4 of the Hydro and Electric Energy Act.
  • Consultation – includes adequacy, scope of consultation with landowners, other interested parties.
  • Property impacts – includes property value, agricultural impacts, business impacts, future development impacts.
  • Noise  includes noise impact assessment, post construction monitoring.
  • Environment – includes wildlife, plants, native prairie, water and water crossings, emissions.
  • Uncontested – applications with no outstanding objections, or objections were received and the AUC determined that the parties did not meet the test for standing.

Decisions for reference