Updates to Rule 012 – Noise control

 Status: Open

 Last updated: June 3, 2022


June 3, 2022

The AUC is reviewing its rules with a focus on eliminating requirements that may have become outdated or unnecessary and is exploring opportunities to streamline and improve regulation and adjudicative processes.

Initial proposed changes to the rule have been identified by AUC staff and are divided into two major sections. The first section of changes have been identified to clarify the requirements for noise terminology, assessment approaches, modelling methods and measurement procedures. The second section of changes are edits that seek to remove redundant information, improve clarify of the requirements and improve the format of the rule so that it is consistent with other updated rules.

Stakeholder input regarding the proposed changes and is seeking comments and feedback July 8, 2022. Please send your submissions to Joan Yu at joan.yu@auc.ab.ca. For more information, please contact Brian Shand at brian.shand@auc.ab.ca