Updates to Rule 012 – Noise control

 Status: Open

 Last updated: December 16, 2022


December 16, 2022

The AUC is reviewing its rules with a focus on eliminating requirements that may have become outdated or unnecessary and is exploring opportunities to streamline and improve regulation and adjudicative processes.

The AUC received considerable feedback from stakeholders on revisions to Rule 012 from the previous consultation round in the summer of 2022. The AUC has reviewed this feedback and notes that stakeholders generally indicated the proposed changes are positive and improve clarity. Several stakeholders identified matters for consideration in the Rule 012 revision process in addition to the changes initially proposed in Bulletin 2022-08. These included the development of applicable permissible sound levels (PSLs) for receptors in urban areas.

The AUC has conducted another round of written consultation on potential Rule 012 revisions, to address urban PSLs and new dwelling PSLs. The discussion questions can be found in Bulletin 2022-12. For more information, please contact Brian Shand at brian.shand@auc.ab.ca.