AUC renewables inquiry Module A - oral submissions

Rule 001 related information

Related information
Rule​ Rule​ 001:

Rules of Practice

Effective date

May 17, 2021


​Rule 001 ensures the conduct of a fair and efficient AUC proceeding. Rule 001 applies to all AUC proceedings and participants involved in such proceedings. This rule sets out the procedure for initiating a proceedin​g, giving notice, participating in a proceeding, including a written or oral hearing, filing of documents or evidence, and examining witnesses at an oral hearing. It also provides direction on how to request confidentiality, changes in process, or a decision on specific procedural matters.


Personal information undertaking​ (Form RP1)
Statement of intent to participate – Facilities (Form RP2-a)
Statement of intent to participate – Rates (Form RP2-b)
Statement of intent to participate – Market participant objector (Form RP2-c)
Statement of intent to participate for Indigenous groups
Unsupported document (Form RP3)
Revised document request (Form RP4)​​
Confidentiality undertaking f​orm (Form RP5)

Related information

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