​​Rule 003: Service Quality Reporting for Energy Service Providers

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Rule Rule 003:

Service Quality Reporting for Energy Service Providers

Effective date

December 17, 2020


Rule 003 sets out the minimum service standards provided to utility customers who are on the regulated rate from a default supply provider (for gas) or a regulated rate provider (for electricity).

Reports are submitted using a template on an annual and quarterly basis.

Provisions in the Electric Utilities Act and Gas Utilities Act allow the AUC to establish service quality standards for owners of electric utilities, gas utilities, regulated service providers and retailers. Revisions to Rule 003 in 2018 (see Bulletin 2018-20) set out certain billing and customer care requirements for these entities, including rural electrification associations, municipally-owned electric utilities and competitive retailers.​

The AUC requires regulated utilities to quarterly and annually provide a detailed service quality report that provides extensive information and reporting about utility-specific energy outages and customer service standards. It also ensures that customers are ​treated fairly. Regulated utilities are expected to perform within strict standards set by the AUC, contained in two AUC rules, Rule 002 and Rule 003. AUC staff ​review these reports and meet with utility officials at least once annually to discuss utility performance, including customer complaints, and investigate shortcomings if they occur. When necessary an enforcement proceeding can be initiated to deal with sub-par performance.​​

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​​Previous versions of this rule and related bulletins can be found in the consultations library.

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