​Rule 009: Rules on Local Intervener Costs

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Rule Rule 009:

Rules on Local Intervener Costs

Issue date

May 2, 2016


​Rule 009 outlines the process and requirements for local interveners to request reimbursement of certain costs related to participating in a facility proceeding or hearing. This rule only applies to local interveners, as defined in Section 22 of the Alberta Utilities Commission Act; who are a group or a person who has interest in and is occupying or entitled to occupy land that is, or may be, directly and adversely affected by an AUC decision. Typically a standing ruling is issued and local interveners are those who have been granted standing. Local interveners can apply for advance funding, or file an interim costs claim, and submit a final costs claim, within 30 days of the conclusion of a hearing. Fees may be claimed for a lawyer or a consultant. The scale of costs included in the rule sets fee recovery based on the experience of the lawyer or consultant and sets fixed rates for other costs.

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Summary of total costs, summary of professional fees, intervener honoraria (Form U1, U2 and U3)
Affidavit of fees and disbursements

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