​​​Rule 028: Natural Gas Settlement System Code Rules

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Rule Rule 028:

Natural Gas Settlement System Code Rules

Effective date

December 17, 2020


​Rule 028 defines the business processes and mechanics of how natural gas settlement is to be carried out at the retail natural gas market (site/meter) level in Alberta. This rule sets out the requirements, responsibilities and code standards to be followed by load settlement agents, distributors and meter data managers in order to facilitate the exchange of information amongst them.

The ATCO Gas natural gas settlement system code documents standards and business processes for determining and communicating settlement results and other market transactions between ATCO Gas and gas retailers, similar to Rule 021: Settlement System Code Rules for the electricity market. Interested parties worked with AUC staff in the drafting of the new AUC rule.​

The AUC uses a consultative process to resolve settlement issues raised by stakeholders. An outcome from resolving these issues might be changes being made to Rule 028. Many of the issues are similar to the ones raised on the electricity market under Rule 021: Settlement System Code Rules. Consequently the rule change cycle for Rule 028 will be identical with that of Rule 021 in order to facilitate business process efficiencies within the two markets. The schedule will be as follows:

1. January 1 to June 30:
a. Form sub-working groups to deal with specific issues, if required.
b. Sub-working groups to provide recommendations and/or resolutions to those identified issues.
c. Settlement working group to review recommendations.

2. July 1 to September 30:
a. AUC to draft proposed changes based on recommendations.
b. Circulate among settlement working group members for review.

3. October 1 to 15:
a. Posting proposed rule changes on AUC’s web for stakeholder comment.

4. October 16 to 31:
a. AUC to respond stakeholders’ comments.
b. Posting AUC responses.

5. November 1 to 30: (AUC internal)
a. Present proposed changes to AUC Commission members.
b. Respond to Commission members’ questions.
c. Seeking final approval from Commission members.

6. By December 15:
a. Posting complete Rule 028, with proposed changes.
b. Rule effective the following January.​​​

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