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Alberta Utilities Commission rules are documents setting out new or amended AUC requirements or processes to be implemented and followed by entities under the jurisdiction of the AUC. From time-to-time rules are changed and updated and parties are invited to become involved in a consultation to revise these rules. Please visit the consultations page to review previous consultations and related bulletins that can be sorted by topic. If there is a consultation taking place for a rule you will see the link to the page in the related information below or in the consultations drop-down menu.

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Rule 001:

Rule of Practice

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Rule 002:

Service Quality and Reliability Performance Monitoring and Reporting for Owners of Electric Distribution Systems and for Gas Distributors

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Rule 003:

Service Quality Reporting​ for Energy Service Providers

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Rule 004:

Alberta Tariff Billing Code

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Rule 005:

Annual Reporting Requirements of Financial and Operational Results

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