In Alberta, customers have a choice of energy retail service providers and can choose between a fixed or variable regulated rate option (RRO).

Rates shown below are the variable energy charges stated in price per kilowatt-hour (kWh). These are the energy rates charged to utility customers who have selected a variable RRO rate with a competitive retailer. If a customer does not choose a retail contract for utility service, that service is typically provided by the “default supply provider” and will be charged a variable RRO rate. The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) provides a full list of regulated and competitive utility retail companies and the products offered. To compare rates please visit the UCA website or call 310-4822.

The RRO charges for electricity fluctuate monthly based on market conditions that are influenced by supply and demand. These monthly rates do not include the cost to safely and reliably deliver electricity from where it is generated to your home. More information about the electricity market can be found on the Alberta Electric System Operator website.

The delivery of electricity is regulated and won’t change from one retailer to the next. The AUC determines the delivery costs for transmission and distribution through a review process where the UCA represents retail customers in these proceedings. For more information about how rates are determined for transmission and distribution, please visit How rates are set.

Detailed monthly energy rates
Monthly approvals of energy rates
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