You have a choice of retail service providers and can choose a fixed rate contract.

The energy charge on your bill is determined by the open and competitive natural gas market. Utility customers in Alberta have a choice of retail service providers and can evaluate your choice of providers through the Utilities Consumer Advocate website.

For customers of regulated gas retailers, the cost of the gas purchased by the retailer in the market is flowed through to customers on their bills.

​The energy charge on your utility bill is based on your consumption during the billing period and is calculated per gigajoule (GJ). This charge does not include any costs or services related to delivery (transmission and distribution) of the energy to your home or business.

Variable regulated gas charges

Rates shown above are the variable regulated gas charges per GJ. The rates charged by competitive retailers will vary.

A breakdown of the regulated natural gas rates can be found here

These retail rates are only the monthly commodity rates for natural gas and do not include other charges on your bill such as distribution, transmission or other rates applicable in your service area.

Retail rates are not set by the AUC. Based on the government of Alberta’s legislation and regulations, the AUC approves a​ plan for each regulated retailer that sets out how they will purchase energy for their customers and how the rate will be calculated. The rates are based on the retailers’ purchases of natural gas on the open, competitive market that is not regulated by the AUC.

The costs of delivering energy to your home or business are the transmission rates and distribution rates, which are determined through a detailed regulatory review where the AUC approves only the prudent costs to be charged in customers’ bills. Costs for the large interconnected system throughout Alberta include annual operation and maintenance costs and charges to recover the investment in infrastructure over the system’s lifetime. The decisions for the 2024 distribution rates for the distribution service areas are provided in the table below.

Current gas rate approvals

Default utility provider rate tariff gas charges 2024 distribution rate approvals ​2024 transmission rate approval

Charges on your bill

*Monthly cost estimates based on a typical residential consumer’s natural gas utility bill in Alberta during higher consumption months (or winter months), with higher natural gas consumption. Costs will vary depending upon the transmission and distribution service area, the municipality where you live, your energy use and billing period.*

Below are the full rate schedules and terms and conditions of service for each regulated utility in Alberta. Please visit the How rates are set or rate riders​ for more information about the other charges on your electricity and natural gas bill.

Retailer rates and terms and conditions of service

Direct Energy Regulated Services
Apex​ U​tilities

Distribution rates and terms and conditions of service

ATCO ​Gas​ North
ATCO Gas​​ Sou​th
Apex Utilities