The AUC ensures regulated utilities comply with its decisions, orders and rules, and with the relevant Alberta legislation and regulations​.

In its compliance functions and responsibilities, the AUC has both an investigation and enforcement role, which for convenience is divided here into these six main areas:​

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The Alberta Utilities Commission has a key regulatory oversight role in ensuring high-pressure natural gas pipeline safety in Alberta.

The AUC does not have regulatory authority for oil and gas production pipelines; these are overseen by the Alberta Energy Regulator. When natural gas pipelines cross provincial or international borders, the  Canada Energy Regulator ​   is responsible. Low-pressure natural gas pipelines that operate under 700 kilopascals are distribution pipelines regulated by the Rural Utilities Branch of Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, which is responsible for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and quality assurance of these lines.


​Enforcement of provincial pipelines legislation, regulation and AUC rules

The AUC enforces and administers through staff work and regulatory decisions an array of legislation, regulations and AUC rules designed to ensure Alberta’s natural gas utility pipeline operators operate their systems in a safe and secure manner. These laws, regulations, AUC rules and required procedures include: