AUC renewables inquiry Module A - oral submissions

The AUC is pleased to announce some process changes and notable enhancements to the eFiling System scheduled to be released on June 12, 2021. The enhancements include modifications to the statement of intent to participate registration form, a new trusted traveler approach for three application types and a new region selector for interested parties to find applications by geographic area.

Modifications to the statement of intent to participate registration form

The Procedures and Process Review Committee made recommendations to the AUC to promote early scoping and scheduling of proceedings. As a result, the AUC has developed a new statement of intent to participate form for rates and market oversight and enforcement proceedings to require information about key issues and requested process steps at the outset.

Issues identification allows proceedings to stay within an appropriate scope and focuses submissions to only those issues within scope. Having process information early in the proceeding allows the AUC to determine a fixed process schedule and bypass any unnecessary regulatory steps.

The statement of intent to participate form for facilities proceedings has also been modified to require additional information about an intervener’s intended participation. This encourages prospective interveners to consider whether to retain representation, or whether to form a group with persons with similar interests and issues, from an early stage.

The updated statement of intent to participate forms submitted through the eFiling System have been updated to reflect the changes.

Trusted traveller approach for three application types

In an effort to enhance regulatory efficiency, three applications have been streamlined to use a trusted traveller approach for quick processing. The franchise agreement and franchise fee rate riders for both electric and natural gas as well as independent system operator rule administrative amendment applications are now eligible for expedited approval based on input by the applicant into a standard application form. A disposition is automatically created that can be efficiently approved by an AUC delegated authority. It is anticipated that the processing times for these application types will be cut in half.

Geographic regions for applications

To allow interested persons to find applications by geographic area, a region selector is now required for most facilities applications on the general application form. More than one region can be selected for those applications that extend over multiple regions. This will allow for easy access to applications in a given geographic area for applications registered after June 12, 2021.

Rule 001 was recently amended to reflect the process changes recommended by the Procedures and Process Review Committee. The eFiling System User Guide will be updated with detailed instructions on how to use the enhanced functions.

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