​​​Rule 005: Annual Reporting Requirements of Financial and Operational Results

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Rule Rule 005:

Annual Reporting Requirements of Financial and Operational Results

Effective date

March 31, 2021


​Rule 005 requires utilities, default supply providers and regulated rate providers to  annually submit a report detailing their financial  and operational results for the year. For a utility, the information included is its revenue requirement, rate base, capital structure, debt capital, assets, depreciation. For a regulated rate provider, the information included is its income statement, revenue by customer class, energy and operating expense, capital assets, personnel.

Each annual report also must contai​n audited financial statements, a completed reconciliation of the audited financial statements to the results reported under the rule and provide explanations of the variances reported on its schedules in the respective appendices. The Commission may request additional information or detail on the financial information or the operational results provided.

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