Market rules and reliability standards

Independent system operator rules

Electric market rules are essential for the operation of a safe, reliable and economic operation of the Alberta Interconnected Electric System. The independent system operator (ISO), the Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO), must engage with stakeholders to create, amend or remove rules that govern the operation of the electricity market. These ISO rules must be filed with the Alberta Utilities Commission as required in Sections 20(2) and 20(6) of the Electric Utilities Act and Rule 017.

When the rules are filed with the AUC a market participant, the Market Surveillance Administrator (MSA) or an interested party may participate in the Commission’s proceeding to consider an ISO rule. A market participant or the MSA can complain about an ISO rule under Section 25 of the Electric Utilities Act.

Alberta Reliability Standards

Alberta reliability standards are the requirements set in place to ensure a stable and reliable electric system. The Alberta Electric System Operator engages with stakeholders and market participants regarding the rules recommended in accordance with the Transmission Regulation.

The AESO will submit a recommendation to the AUC for approval of standards that are based on reliability standards of the North American Electric Reliability Corporation and compatible with the Alberta electric system.

The AUC will consider objections to Alberta reliability standards before making a decision about whether it will approve the implementation of the standard.

The AESO performs monitoring only on reliability standards from the date that they are approved by the Commission. The AESO maintains a complete list of all of the reliability standards in effect.
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