Rate-setting for investor-owned water utilities

The AUC approves investor-owned water utility rates: in approving rates, it maintains a balance between the interests of the water utility and its customers. Investor-owned water utilities may seek assistance from the AUC to establish water rates and determine the terms and conditions of service. The AUC has staff experts familiar with complex rate matters and may assist with water rate applications. The rate application process for water utilities is found in Rule 011: Rate Application Process for Water Utilities.

To initiate a water rate application the required information must be filed through the eFiling System. During the review process, customers and the Commission will have the opportunity to request additional information about the application from the utility. Following that, both the customer groups and the utility will have the opportunity to present argument and reply to the Commission. Once the review process is complete, the AUC will issue a decision within 60 days. If you would like more information about the rate application process for water utilities, please email info@auc.ab.ca.


The Utilities Consumer Advocate (UCA) can help water consumers mediate complaints. Please visit the UCA website for more information https://ucahelps.alberta.ca/water.aspx.

Customers with unresolved complaints can file complaints with the Alberta Utilities Commission. The AUC responds to complaints regarding the rates, terms and conditions, and service of investor-owned water utilities and established rates for certain water utilities when it has been necessary.​

For municipally owned utility service customers, the AUC may not challenge the public utility rate structure itself. See Section 43 of the Municipal Government Act for information about what the AUC can consider.​

Current water rates

The AUC set water rates though its regulatory review process for the investor-owned utilities listed below.

Investor-owned water utility Date Rates
Corix Utilities (Foothills Water) Inc. September 2, 2010 Rates

Terms and conditions of service

Langdon Waterworks Limited September 1, 2014 Rates

Terms and conditions of service and payments

Regional Water Service Ltd. December 1, 2007 Rates
Westridge Utilities October 1, 2008 Rates

Customer service contract

Calalta Waterworks Ltd. August 1, 2012 Rates